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Plumbing Issues for Short-Term Rentals

Watch for These Common Issues to Ensure Plumbing Issues Don’t Hurt Your Reviews

During this time of year, Bigfork and the Valley are busy with tourists and renters. A plumbing problem in your short-term rental can quickly ruin a vacation - or your reviews.

The most common issues encountered in rentals are:

  • No hot water

  • Leaky faucets

  • Water pressure Issues

  • Leaking pipes

  • Running toilets

  • Clogged drains (note: we can only unclog one fixture, i.e. kitchen sink, and not main drain lines)

These common plumbing issues should be watched for every time you have a change in renters and can be easily fixed if planned ahead. The summer season is busy for service professionals, and you may have to wait, so don’t put off calling!

For a true plumbing emergency, like a leaking pipe, call our 24-hour emergency number, and we will get someone out to you as soon as possible. For other minor repairs, we may be booked for several days to a week or more during the busy summer season.

Our team will assess your needs quickly and will make any necessary repairs, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful summer by the lake again.

Need our help or have a question about a potential issue? Complete our form (attaching photos if you have them helps speed up our process), and our staff will contact you to schedule or provide input for your specific need.

Don’t ignore the small things in your rentals. Get on our list today, and we can help you avoid costly reviews or refunds from unhappy customers.



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