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  • Why do some faucets cost so much more than others?
    Faucet cost will be affected by the materials that the faucet is made of. For instance, solid brass or stainless steel faucets will cost more than those made from zinc or plastic. It is also significant to note that the materials your faucet is made from will also have impact on it's longevity and ability to hold up over time.
  • Can I replace my two-handled faucet with a single handle faucet?
    Yes. Your single handle faucet will need to have a base large enough to cover the extra holes that will no longer be necessary. Single handle faucets have a 4-8" base typically, but we can help you find one that will work.
  • Why do I smell a "sewer" smell in my bathroom?
    A sewer smell in your bathroom could be caused by an number of things. A Dry P-Trap. The P-trap is a U-shaped pipe located under the sink or drains. It is used to trap water beneath the drain, preventing sewer smells from reaching the bathroom. If P-trap will dries out, it may allowing sewer gases to flow freely into your bathroom. Simply run some water for a minute or so into your sink. A Damaged Toilet. The wax seal at the bottom of your toilet may be worn out, allowing sewer gas to leak into your bathroom. Or there may be cracks or other damage to your toilet that is allowing this smell. If you need help for a replace or repaird toilet, contact us today. A Clogged Drain. Build up of hair and other debris in the shower may clog the drain, causing a bad smell. If your tub is draining slowly, it would be a good idea to check for a clog. Sewer Problems. Sometimes roots or other forces can cause trouble with sewer systems. If you are unsure, contact a sewer professional today.
  • Why are water heaters in box stores so much cheaper?
    Purchasing a water heater from a box store offers advantages and disadvantages. Box stores may have a larger selection and lower prices, but pay attention to these factors that will impact overall cost to you as a home owner: 1. Warranty - typically the units available in a box store have a much smaller warranty or guarantee, some as little as five years. Compare warranty and "life span" considerations when selecting. 2. Installation and Service - typically with a box store they will contract with a third party to install the unit for you. This may limit the licensed expertise and follow up service you have for your unit. 3. Price - while the price at a box store may be lower, it only includes the cost of the unit itself. When you get a hot water heater from Mildren Plumbing, our cost includes the unit, delivery, installation and all parts to get it set up in your home. Mildren Plumbing has flat rate pricing for standard water heater installation.
  • Why doesn't my old water heater work as well as it used to?
    Old water heaters may not work as well as they used to due to several factors: Wear and Tear: Over time, the internal components of a water heater can deteriorate due to regular usage, leading to decreased efficiency and performance. Components such as the heating element (in electric water heaters) or the burner assembly (in gas water heaters) may become less effective or may fail altogether. Sediment Buildup: Sediment, such as minerals and debris present in the water supply, can accumulate at the bottom of the water heater tank over time. This sediment buildup can insulate the heating element or burner, reducing its ability to heat water efficiently and resulting in longer heating times or inadequate hot water supply. Flushing your unit annually is recommended to help with this. Corrosion: The inside of a water heater tank is typically made of metal, such as steel or glass-lined steel. Corrosion can occur over time due to the constant exposure to water and heat, leading to rust formation and potential leaks. Corrosion can also affect the integrity of other components, impacting the overall performance of the water heater. Thermostat Issues: The thermostat controls the temperature of the water heater. Over time, the thermostat may become less accurate or may fail altogether, resulting in inconsistent water temperatures or difficulty maintaining the desired temperature. Insufficient Insulation: Older water heaters may have inadequate insulation, leading to heat loss from the tank. This can result in higher energy consumption as the water heater works harder to maintain the desired temperature, as well as longer recovery times between heating cycles. Outdated Technology: Older water heaters may use outdated technology or lack modern features that contribute to energy efficiency and performance. Newer water heaters often incorporate advanced features such as improved insulation, energy-saving modes, and more precise temperature control. End of Lifespan: Like any appliance, water heaters have a finite lifespan. As they age, their efficiency and performance naturally decline, and eventually, they may reach a point where repairs become frequent and costly, or they may fail altogether. If you would like a quote for a service call or a replacement for your water heater, give us a call today.
  • What are the pros + cons to a tankless vs. tank gas water heater?
    The benefits and drawbacks of Tank vs. Tankless gas water heaters depends primarily on your water demand, up front cost and space considerations. Read this blog that compares the two systems that we can install.
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